You need a copywriter. You’re just not sure if I’m the one who can deliver what you need. After all, we just met.

To help you decide, read below to find out what makes me different from other copywriters. Then, if I seem to be what you’re looking for, let’s get the conversation started.

9+ years’ copywriting experience. Real-world experience working with clients and managing multi-faceted marketing projects means you won’t have to waste your time explaining the basics to me.

Trained by the best. I use the same proven copywriting strategies that today’s leading copywriters do…because they’re the ones who trained me. By applying this knowledge, I’m able to craft messages that are powerful and persuasive.

Skills of a journalist. The best writers know how to gather the information they need. Thanks to a Bachelor’s in Journalism, I’ve been formally trained to research topics and conduct interviews that allow me to get to the heart of the story.

Marketing savvy. As a former marketer for a well-known consumer packaged goods brand, I used to be the one tasked with selling more products, safeguarding the brand and growing the business. By taking my past marketing experience and applying it to my current role as copywriter, I’m able to make recommendations based on what I know works and what doesn’t.

An eye for the details. I’ve always been freakishly good at spelling, punctuation and grammar. And while some don’t think this is all that important, I do. All it takes is one misspelled word, one incorrect use of grammar, or one punctuation error for a customer to question your company’s competence and professionalism. So I use my superhuman understanding of language to make sure your copy is as close to perfect as possible.

Deadly serious about deadlines. When it comes to meeting deadlines, my mantra is “do what you say you’ll do.” In other words, when I tell you I’ll deliver copy on a particular day, that’s when you can expect to get it.

Proven client satisfaction. I’ve delivered stellar work to numerous clients over the years because I’m able to quickly grasp information, distill it down to the most essential elements, and convert it into persuasive content. In fact, the work I did for one of my clients prompted him to say: “I’ve been working with marketing copywriters for 35+ years and Kris is at the top of my list!”

I’d love for a chance to get to the top of your list of preferred copywriters. If you like what you’ve heard so far, contact me today.