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Objective: Convince prospects to provide contact information so they can get a free travel guide.


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The Savvy Road Warrior’s Flight Upgrade Guide:
22 Insider Secrets for Traveling in Greater Comfort … for FREE


Discover how to land FREE business-class upgrades using tips only
the most elite travelers know  …


Once you learn these insider secrets, you’ll find yourself traveling in greater comfort more often, without having to spend a penny more.

Find out how when you download the Savvy Road Warrior’s Flight Upgrade Guide here … [arrow points to form]

“In the past, I rarely got upgrades.
Using the strategies in the Flight Upgrade
Guide, I’m able to earn bumps up to business
class on a regular basis. Now I look forward
to my travel days because I get to my destination
in comfort … while saving money.”

-Robert Ryan
President, XYZ Financial Planners


Get the Savvy Road Warrior’s Flight Upgrade Guide and learn how to get bumped up to business class!



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