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[Ad 1 copy]

Looking for a fun activity for your son or daughter? Why not try one of the fastest growing sports today … VOLLEYBALL!

Our Rec League is a perfect learning environment for beginning to intermediate players age 14 and under. Your child will …

… get training in all the key volleyball skills of passing, setting, serving and hitting …

… learn the different player positions and team rotations …

… work with one of the best training staffs around, including coaches who have played at the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels …

… all while having fun and making new friends!

Two sessions are available:

We expect spots to fill up fast, so sign up today. Hope to see you in the gym!

[headline] Join Us in the Gym!

[link description] Learn to play volleyball in a fun environment.

[call to action] Learn more


[Ad 2 copy]

Summer will be here soon! The days are long and the kids are out of school … which means you’ve got to find something to keep them busy.

Genuine Volleyball has you covered! At our summer camps, players get training on how to pass, set, serve and spike the ball. They also participate in fun, action-packed drills like “Queen of the Court” and “Chaos” along with competing in 6 vs. 6 scrimmages. Plus, they get the experience of being a member of a team and making new summertime friends.

If you’re looking for a camp for one week or all summer long, we’ve got a session to meet your needs … whether you’ve got an indoor or outdoor kid.

Spots will fill up quickly, so sign up early!

[header] Summer Camps at Genuine Volleyball Club

[link description] Get in on the fun this summer with our indoor or combo sessions. Enrolling now!

[call to action] Learn more

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