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New Founders’ Chats are live:

6 tips for handling the season shutdown

The AOC Founders—Terry Liskevych, John Dunning and Russ Rose—have just finished filming six new Founders’ Chats and you’ll want to check them out! Each covers a coaching topic that relates to the current season stoppage, including:

Check out the full list of topics below and start watching!


Team communication during the shutdown

Your team needs your support now more than ever. Learn the various ways you can communicate with your athletes during these unprecedented times.


Creating at-home training

Keep your players engaged in the game during the break. Give them fun, at-home volleyball challenges that reward the winners. It’s a great way to tune your athletes’ skills and boost their spirits!


Remaining flexible & creative during the hiatus

The shutdown will affect each of your players differently. Being flexible while keeping an open dialogue with your athletes about change is crucial.


Ways to grow & learn outside of the gym

Discover ways to keep learning and growing as a coach during the season stoppage. The new knowledge you gain will help you prep for next season.


Scholarship & roster decisions amidst the season break

How will you make scholarship & roster decisions now that existing college athletes have another year of eligibility? Listen to what the Founders suggest.


Analyzing video at home

With no more gym time and lots of time at home, there’s a great resource for increasing volleyball IQ that’s often overlooked: Watching and analyzing video. Find out how to do it effectively!


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What topic should the Founders discuss next?

Stay tuned for more Founders’ Chats coming soon! Until then, let us know what topics you’d like the Founders to cover next. Just fill out our form to submit your topic idea.

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