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[subject line] On sale now: Best-selling coaching tools bundle

[preview text] Get 20% off for a limited time!

[body copy]

Gear up for a successful season with our best-selling coaching tools

Softball season is underway! Do you have the tools you need? Whether you’re a middle school, high school, club or college coach, now is the perfect time to prep for the coming months on the field with three of our best-selling coaching tools.

The best part? You can save 20% right now when you buy them together! Get the Coaching Kit bundle for yourself—or a fellow coach—and get ready for a successful season.

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What’s in the bundle?

#1: Softball Coaches Planner

A pocket-sized organizer that will help you stay on task during practices, games and everything in between. From multiple “go to” drills and diagrammed note pages to game logs and worksheets, it includes all you need to coach effectively on the field.

#2: Fox 40 Electronic Whistle

This electronic whistle provides loud, clear, consistent sound every time, so you can be heard from anywhere. Plus, the hand operation design offers a hygienic solution so it can be used by multiple people, and the wrist loop keeps it from getting lost.

#3: Brain Training for Athletes Book

Winning games is not just about having a good game plan and talented players. It’s also about knowing how to bring out the best in your athletes. Elite coach Stephanie Schleuder offers insights that go beyond the basics to help up your coaching game.

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Order your Coaching Kit bundle today, and get the tools you need for a great season. But hurry … this offer ends February 13!

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