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Leadership Development: Does Your Organization Have What It Takes to Succeed in a Distributed Workforce World?

Scattered workforces offer new challenges for today’s leaders

Just a few generations ago, employees worked 9-to-5 jobs in offices surrounded by their colleagues and bosses. Their work tools consisted of desktop computers, landlines and fax machines.

Today, the work environment looks very different. Young, tech-savvy personnel now work from home offices, at local coffee shops and even on airplanes. And those bulky desktop computers and wired equipment? They’ve been replaced with compact laptops, tablets and cell phones that can be used anywhere, anytime – as long as a Wi-Fi signal is available.

As we advance further into what some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, distributed workforces are becoming the norm rather than the exception. In fact, IBM predicts the mobile workforce will hit 1.87 billion by 2022.

The Benefits of Using a Distributed Workforce

There are many reasons why companies are shifting to a distributed workforce model. Here are a few of the positives:





The Challenges of Leading a Distributed Workforce

Despite the positives, this business model – which is especially prevalent in the technology industry – creates many challenges for company leaders.

It can be hard to engage a scattered workforce in different locations and time zones. Employees may feel isolated when they’re not surrounded by colleagues like you’d find in a typical office setting.

Individuals and departments may feel out-of-sync with others in the company too. While this can happen in a traditional office, it’s much more pronounced when employees only interact via Zoom calls and text messages.

Productivity is another issue. Without a supervisor on hand to oversee employees, individual output may suffer.

The Skills Today’s Leaders Need

Today’s leaders need to develop a skill set that takes into account the unique needs of a distributed workforce. This includes:






Developing Leadership Skills in a Virtual World

As more in-office employees begin working remotely, it will be vital for your leaders to develop skills that allow them to engage, develop and motivate their direct reports from afar.

“Today’s leaders are expected to excel in a complex set of challenges: navigate through ambiguity; deal with increased globalization, digitization and disruption; and deliver results,” says Rebecca Ray, Ph.D, executive vice president at The Conference Board. “At the same time they must also develop, engage and inspire diverse talent, be excellent communicators and lead with authenticity.”

Many businesses, however, lack the ability to develop leaders who have the skills to succeed in the modern workplace. The technology sector is one of these, recording the lowest leader success rates of any industry.

Learning to Lead Better

Is your organization struggling to engage your remote employees, communicate effectively, and attract and retain top talent? It could be a result of your leadership development program.

Luckily, there’s a way to remedy this. You can learn how to create a leadership program that works in today’s fast-moving technology industry when you attend our FREE webinar: “Developing Leaders in a Distributed Workforce World.”

In this 60-minute webinar, we’ll cover:






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